Our fertiliser product range consists of a high quality range of blended and compounded products to suit your needs according to the season.

Flutriafol, humates and applicable liquid nutritional products can all be applied on our granular fertiliser products if required. Crop Opti has access to a broad range of fertiliser products that meet the highest industry standards.

We are the only agronomy and Precision Ag business that does all our own work in house from soil testing to variable rate maps with no third party involved, lowering the cost to the grower to provide better returns.

Our agronomists really know their stuff when it comes to crop management, plant nutrition and soil health. We can recommend the right products and application rates.

The right crop nutrition and soil management system can improve your yield, plant resilience and grain quality by:

– Increasing the availability of existing nutrients
– Allowing your soil to retain more water
– Developing healthier crops with better resistance
– Creating stronger root systems

Animal Health

We are proud to be able to provide all your livestock nutritional needs.

From standard bagged and bulk feed, blocks and premixes to more specific ration formulation catering to your precise requirements.

General Farm Supplies

We have an extensive range

We stock animal production products, fencing supplies, sheep and cattle feeders, sheep yard design and supply, as well as a wide range of sheds, including hay, grain, garages, carports, and machinery sheds.

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